Sep 15, 2011

ART:NOISE Sept residency, Blue tile lounge. A few pics so far..

ART:NOISE sept residency, Blue tile lounge. A few pics so far..

Indigo Hotel, sept 7th.

SCREEN PRINTS Art Launch, sept 14th.

Lashes to Lashes, sept 7th

Blue Bayou, sept 14th.

Aug 21, 2011

ART:NOISE in September... PENCIL IT IN!

ART:NOISE happens again for 3 weeks only at The Blue Tile Lounge in Collingwood.
The first three wednesdays in September plays host to some awesome indie/rock n roll/post punk/twee talents as well as art and craft making tables for the punters.

Sept 7th we will have Pioneers of good science, Constant Killer & Indigo Hotel gracing the stage plus more to be announced--PENCIL IT IN!

Look foreward to seeing you again..
The ART:NOISE collective..

Aug 16, 2011

ART:NOISE takes over the Blue Tile Lounge in September...

ART:NOISE takes over the Blue Tile Lounge in September...

Pop it in your diary for rad bands and art making fun!!

Jul 30, 2011

Just something I wrote this morning.


The sun glows a pastel yellow and lets out a beam of warmth on an otherwise grey July in winter.
There’s a soft wind that makes the trees sigh and my hair drift across my face.
It’s a perfect day nestled conveniently amongst the middle of the winter months. The low flying planes create a hum above the otherwise undisturbed setting.
I sit on this day near my home in Melbourne, but my thoughts are on London.
I often feel nostalgic for the city I once lived. The brown brick houses and rows of chimneystacks as I’m whirring past at 8am on a packed train. It clacks along the railway tracks that criss cross the city on a dull red London morning.
I miss the bustle of people and the frantic, excitement that slips through every narrow street of the great city. But then I sit here, in Melbourne, on a beautiful, warm, winters day and things start to become clearer.
I remember those frantic London mornings and fast paced nights, and here in my new home I am faced with something different. Warmth, freedom and space.
Only now can I really appreciate how lovely it is to have time. Time to sit by a fresh water pond and listen to the frogs sing.
Time to Idly watch the shapes playing across the surface of the water. Time to reflect on an old life. And time to imagine a new one.

By Donna Sadler

Jul 25, 2011

A few live shots from the ART:NOISE archives.

A few live shots from the ART:NOISE archives.





ARTWORK by punters.





Punters making crafts.



Nov 22, 2010

Oct 21, 2010


Here is a look at some of the ART:NOISE fun from the past, little bits and bobs will be uploaded here and there.


Courtney Barnett & friends.

Artwork made by the crowd.